Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

There are many treatments for discolored teeth. While a thorough teeth cleaning and polishing help to remove most surface stains, if stains or discolorations still exist, bleaching is an option.

Bleaching (teeth whitening) can be accomplished by either bleaching at your home or during a visit at our office. The procedure involves trays custom made from models of your teeth filled with a whitening gel.

The "in office" procedure uses a more powerful bleach and an intensified light is used to activate it. The "in office" technique is effective but may dehydrate the teeth. With the "at home" procedure, a bleaching compound is placed in the trays and worn at night for up to 2 weeks.

Our hygienists are dedicated and trained to show you how to use these products and to remove as many stains and discolorations as possible.

Change your smile from stained to sparkling white!
Before picture of Teeth Whitening After picture of Teeth Whitening