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Cosmetic Dental Services

We offer a full suite of cosmetic dental services.


If the teeth are misshapened or too stained for bleach to lighten, veneers can be used to mask and provide beauty to the teeth. Veneers are all ceramic or zirconia coverings that are attached to the existing teeth. A veneer fills in gaps, covers chips and/or cracks, and changes the appearance of the shape and color of the teeth while looking completely natural.

Before Picture of Veeners After Picture of Veeners
I was always self conscious of my peg lateral, and now I can't wait to show off my smile! Dr. Heaton and his staff were very patient and caring through this pain free process."
Before picture of Veneers After picture of Veneers
2 easy appointments for cosmetic veneers changed Mrs. K's smile from misaligned and stained to picture perfect!
A few crowns and bridges helped Mr. K rehabilitate his smile back to health and is now ready to take on the world with a smile!
Before picture of dental crowns and bridges After picture of dental crowns and bridges